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by admin on October 3, 2013

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How to Leverage Amazon to Grow Your Business

With the tremendous growth of Amazon, the biggest retailer ever has become a self-sustainable corporation that does not need anyone to operate. Still, they have chosen to work with regular people, called affiliate marketers, to promote their products all across the world. This is what helped them maintain the first position when it comes to global sales online.

Amazon is handling everything from inventory stockings, site maintenance, payment processing and packaging up to shipping, warehouse rent and SEO. There are only two things that you will have to worry about – marketing and inventory re-ordering. This is literally all you have to worry about to run your business with the Amazing Selling Machine.

If you have watched all the video series in the Amazing Selling Machine business, you have certainly learned:

– How to promote an Amazon product to rank high on Google for certain categories and keywords.

– How to find product opportunities on Amazon.

– How to find and choose the right suppliers for your products.

If you apply all these things, you are certainly on the right path. However, you might have to spend over 12 hours a day, trying to figure out how to make this business work. Well, the good news is that in the last videos in this series, the authors of Amazing Selling Machine teach you how to make their business model work for you in order to get a profit, not only a revenue. Also, you will learn how to work wisely, without wasting precious time or getting involved in time-consuming activities.

In the last video, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback have covered the following topics:

1. Automation: how to let Amazon do all the work in your place.

Automation means building your Amazon business in such a way that it can run on auto-pilot. People tend to avoid selling physical products because they think of all the hassles involved in this business. However, when working on Amazon, all you need to worry about is marketing and inventory re-ordering, because Amazon is doing everything else for you.

Never in the history of retail have entrepreneurs been able to start and run physical product selling businesses with such limited resources, yet such incredible scalability. Amazon has managed not only to accomplish that, but also exceed any expectations. Amazon had a revenue of $61 billion last year, which is huge! You can now leverage their infrastructure using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). By using FBA, you can actually sell physical products with the same automation as digital products.

2. Operations: what does running a business really look like?

Running your Amazing Selling Machine business is a breeze, especially for those of you with at least one year of experience as affiliate marketers. Some of the operations you will do include:

  • Adding product listing to Amazon Seller Central
  • Sending inventory to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Watching orders come straight into your account
  • Monitoring inventory levels
  • Checking for customers messages
  • Getting paid every 14 days

3. Scaling: systematically increasing profit by expanding your Amazon business.

Your Amazon business includes product opportunity sourcing & finding, marketing, operations and growth. In order to enhance the growing process of your business, there are some things you can do:

  • Do more marketing for the existing products
  • Do higher volume by ordering more products at once and setting a lower price
  • Add new products: you should grow your brand in an existing niche. For example, if you target niche are smartphone users, you should not start selling weight loss supplements.

You can use the steps learned in the second video series here. The trick is to use the same supplier for more products. However, if you see a massive opportunity in another niche on Amazon, don’t hesitate to go for it.

Building your own Amazon business using Amazing Selling Machine is extremely simple, because you will use Amazon’s built-in infrastructure. Using the model promoted in the Amazon Selling Machine business, you can grow quickly, without additional staff, warehouse space or other typical staff most businesses you need.

In the last video of the series, you will discover some killer tools used by famous marketers to automate the marketing process. Some of these tools include getting Amazon reviews automatically, great customer service and Amazon features. For a more detailed overview of this amazing business, download the PDF here.

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