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Amazing Selling Machine Reviews

Internet Marketing Trends 2015

Hey there!  Nick Sasaki here.  I’ve been doing Internet Marketing for over 10 years.  I was making decent money, enough to splurge on vacations to different countries with my wife and five awesome kids…until two years ago.

In the beginning, making money online was as easy as giving candy at Haloween.  All I needed to do at that time was find the good offers and use Google Adwords to advertise and sell stuff.

But then, in 2011, Google decided to ban all 800,000 Adwords accounts, and most Internet Marketers were banned forever from their platform overnight.  One month, I was making 70k a month and the next month, it went down to ZERO!

I tried to resurrect my business using SEO in Google since I couldn’t advertise any longer. Slowly, I started to make money again and was beginning to relax a little.  Then, all of a sudden, the “Big G” (Google) started their “Google Dance” again… and pulled the rug out from under us – changing their algorithms again and again. As Google continued to improve their search engine, ranking high was no longer an easy feat. What I learned from this experience is that I can’t depend on Google to create a stable residual income for my business.

As an Internet Marketer, I had been thinking a lot about the following questions:

What is the best way to make money online now in 2015? – I knew I needed something that would really works now AND for many years to come.  It has to be something that doesn’t take long to build, and something I can preferably work on during my spare time.  I definitely was NOT interested in something that earned a low income and offered no way of escaping the rat race.  I was looking to earn good money that allowed me to enjoy my lifestyle, supporting four teenagers and a toddler.

I joined ASM last year, and I was not only able to recoup the investment within the first month, but I’ve been enjoying double digit sales growth ever since.

Amazing Selling Machine – Is This For Real?

Then I heard about the Amazing Selling Machine.

“Oh yeah, great! Yet another fly-by-night scam”

What caught my attention first was that it had a price tag of $3500.  I thought, “What kind of program charges $3500 in this economy?” Most of the internet marketing programs’ prices are going down to $27 – $37 – maybe $397, if it’s really good.

I thought it must be either a complete scam or a really FANTASTIC product that people are desperate to buy. I watched all the ASM videos.  At first, it sounded too good to be true.  It seems like it’s so easy to find the products and suppliers with ASM and start making incredible sales with Amazon.  Is this for real? I thought there was only one way to find out!

Why I Decided To Give It A Try

matt clark & jason katzenback the amazing selling machine

The basic idea of this program is that you find products that are already selling well on Amazon, private label them so you don’t have to compete, and use FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) to do the rest. No need to take an order, ship it or even take care of the refund.   This sounded so simple that even my grandma could probably do it.

What sounded good to me is that, if I chose to do ASM, I wouldn’t have to keep on battling with Google any more.  It was getting harder and harder to make money online, especially to make residual income. I was making money with affiliate marketing.  I was doing launch after launch – each lasted only one week and that was it.  Sometimes I would prepare a website for a whole month and end up making only a few thousand.  Let me tell you: I really missed enjoying a big launch that can make me 250k in a single month.

My Experience With ASM

So I decided to join Amazing Selling Machine in October of 2013, thinking it was not a big deal because ASM has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Well, the very first thing I noticed after joining ASM was that their private Facebook communities were like nothing I’ve seen before. It was like having 3,000 friends encouraging and helping you on a daily basis. Actually, you would get help in just a few seconds! Sometimes when I have a question, I ask the Facebook ASM group and within a couple seconds, I hear that familiar ping of the Facebook notification, answering the question I had asked just a second ago!  The quality of support there is just overwhelming. Normally people quit programs because you have to do everything yourself and you can’t ask much help from anybody.

Unreal Experience With ASM

I’ve seen many so-called “newbies” turning into “Jedis” overnight.  For example, I know a guy who was asking how to do this and that. I don’t exactly remember what he said, but to me it sounded like a “how do you hold a pen, so I can draw?” kind of question.  I was surprised to see that, this last month, he posted on Facebook that he was making 5k a month!

Another example:  At the ASM live event, I met this nice Chinese lady who didn’t know much about internet marketing at all.  It took only two months to get her product going on Amazon with this program, and I saw on Facebook that she is making 4k a month!

I mean where else can you go to make this kind of money?

I truly believe that this is the best business model for internet marketers in 2014.

The Cost Of ASM – ROI Is Everything!

The only “bad” thing about ASM is that it costs $3,500.

If you ask me if $3,500 is “too expensive” –  I would say YES.  But that’s only if you don’t do anything with it.  I would say NO – as long as  you’re going to use it.

Now, here’s the best part of the deal…

You can *TRY* Amazing Selling Machine for THIRTY DAYS before you decide to keep it or not.

That’s right—you have a full 30 DAYS to try it for FREE if you want.

So even if you’re one of those people who don’t end up DOING anything, you won’t be ‘out’ any money.
But if you DO make money with it—like all the sharp marketers are—then I would say $3,500 is extremely cheap.

You see, I know many ASM members who are making tens of thousands a month (See amazing PROOF below).  I know of one member making $1 million a month.

You get EVERYTHING with this program, no hidden costs or anything.  It’s all about ROI: if you invest $1 and make $2, how much do you want to invest and scale? Truckloads of it, I’d say!

An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

I’m so glad that I invested in ASM- this is the most solid, profitable business that you can find in 2014.  The sky is the limit: this is the way I feel right now. To tell you the truth, I even quit my day job because I’m already making more than my old job and I was doing pretty well already.  I now have the freedom that I always wanted, and I spend more time with the people I care for.  I can’t even describe this feeling of freedom!  Now I can finally control my life.  My friend said:

“The ability to live in the now and be present for what is happening in the moment is one of the greatest skills you can develop to enhance the enjoyment of your life. Much is missed regretting past decisions and pre-second guessing future ones.”

ASM will be opening for only about a week or so. If you miss this opportunity, you will need to wait until next year for “Class 2015.” It’s also possible that they might not even open again.  So take action while you can.

Check Out The Actual Sales Video Here, And Follow Your Guts!

Buy Amazing Selling Machine Bonus Now!


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